Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas chaos

We're catching our breath after a whirlwind tour of homes for Christmas celebrations. We started at my mom's.

This pic says what you already know:

My dad and Lynn came in from Idaho, and I hosted Christmas for the Seiferts. Actually Cracker Barrel hosted; I just provided the house. The very small house. This is the only pic I took that turned out. But we've got a good group shot if Jesi'll send it to me.

Then on Christmas Eve, the Inmans came out and we ate way too much.

The cutest smile ever:

That same smile turned upside down:

Anyone care to guess who the instigator of turmoil is?

Dawie pushing his new toy from Santa with his favorite push toy:

We tried to go to church - we got all dressed and almost loaded -- but D was suffering from the big D and we ended up ditching the plans and giving him 3 baths instead. It turned out to be a good thing. We holed up with the wind howling outside and enjoyed some precious time as a family. We put out cookies and milk for Santa, we made a quick trip outside to look for his sleigh -- whoops, I had to take a break for Dawie falling and cutting open his eye for the 20th time, not to mention another fluffy, fragrant diaper and another quick bath mid-post -- then upstairs to read the Christmas story and the Night Before Christmas.

Dawie undecorating the tree:


Norma said...

What a wonderful Christmas! My head is still spinning from the endless energy of our toddlers and three year olds. The valley was rocking.

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas ventures. Sounds like the Inmans had a wonderful one.

HMK said...

Merry Christmas Inmans! Sorry Dawit was dealing with all the D; that can be so tough! Love the pictures! :)

Eastiopians said...

So cute!! Merry Christmas!