Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday in Nashville

I attended the Vanderbilt International Adoption Clinic's workshop today. It was very informative and I feel good about using their services in the future, especially for a post-adoption assessment. But the highlight was meeting and visiting with other future adoptive parents. I finally met Kim, one of my Bethany forum friends from Memphis, and Kimberly from right here in Nashville who is adopting through another agency. I also got to see referral pictures of a precious little girl who will soon be joining a Nashville family. This little girl was good friends at the orphanage with Rusie, who was adopted by the Mize's in Knoxville, so these little girls will soon be Tennessee neighbors. How cool is that!

Later, Spence and I met up with some friends at Climb Nashville. I think he enjoyed his inaugural climb up a fake wall with color-coded hand holds. One more trip and he'll be hooked like me.

We topped off the evening at Gojo. For you middle Tenneseeans, Gojo is the best Ethiopian food ever, well at least in Tennessee. I highly recommend a visit. My mom and Caroline joined us mid-way through our dinner and C insisted on dancing to the music before getting in her high chair. She ate a nickel's worth of injera, then proceeded to knock over a whole stool of spices.