Friday, September 26, 2008

Musings before debate

Oh boy, getting back in to blogging mode is hard. Having spent most of my waking hours these last few weeks working or chasing a two-year-old has left me editorially challenged. A lot has happened, though. Here are a few tidbits:

Spence had a good show at the Cookeville Fun Fest and is gearing up for the Nillie Bipper show in Cleveland, TN. He's building some beautiful new lamps out of walnut and exploring some new shade designs as well as night lights. This is my porch swing -- for sale, of course.

We took a crew of friends down Roaring River one Sunday and everyone emerged alive and well.

I made some new friends in Knoxville at an Ethiopian New Year party of families who have brought home children from Ethiopia and who are in the process of doing so. I didn't get many pictures; I was too busy gabbing with everyone and warming up the injera I brought from Nashville's Gojo. Everyone was super nice and it was so heartwarming to meet their children and hear their stories about Ethiopia. Caroline developed a crush on a young man who was there with his mother and siblings. She followed him everywhere and downright embarrassed me. See her google eyes below.

In a moment of impulse and bravery, I cut off my hair. Kim, this picture is for you. It's a horrible self-portrait in the bathroom of my office today. This is so you can find me at the workshop tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'm attending the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital International Adoption Clinic workshop. A number of clinicians and psychologists will speak on issues related to adopting internationally (medical, bonding, etc.). Afterward, I'm taking Spence climbing at the indoor climbing gym in Nashville (his maiden climb), then we're going to eat at Gojo. I'm seriously addicted to Ethiopian food and need it at least every other week. I can't wait!!

Now, it's 5 minutes 'til the Mississippi debate, so I gotta go.


Mother Goose said...

Thanks for the picture! Too bad I'm just now seeing it. I'm interested in the roaring river. We are big kayakers and are always looking for new floats.

It was great to meet you and I really wanna do Gojo for lunch sometime SOON.

Lori said...

I love the porch swing, it is beautiful! Your hair is also very cute, nice cut.

Easties and Co. said...

Your hair looks super cute. I really enjoyed meeting you at the adoption gathering. The injera you brought was yummy! The Ethiopian food was wonderful. I would love to come to Nashville sometime and eat at Gojo's. Maybe we all could hook up when we both have our Ethiopian children home with us. That would be fun!