Friday, September 5, 2008

Four referrals! Not us, though!

Four Bethany families received referrals for infant boys today. There's some serious rejoicing going on tonight. Congrats Shadley, Shan and Susanne. We don't know who the fourth family is. A couple of interesting facts:

- It's been 3 months since our agency last got referrals.
- We're very close to the top of the list now (possibly second).
- We could travel this year. (I know this scares some people silly, me included.)
- Holly and Beth are home with their little ones and are settling in.
- Demarie is still in Ethiopia, but she and Josiah are doing well.

I'm going to Knoxville next weekend for an Ethiopian New Year party with fellow adoptive families. It would have been fun to take a referral to show, but maybe next time.

Oh yeah, I cut off my hair. Yeah, I really did.


Easties and Co. said...

You are so close to a referral!!! How exciting!!! Can't wait to meet you in person on Saturday. Eva is going to have a blast playing with all of the children.

Holly said...

Hope you had fun!! Sounds like a real treat to be able to attend something like that. We're pretty limited here in Northern Michigan. You're getting closer every day to your referral... you really COULD be traveling this year! Wow!

Jeremy and Allison said...

Possibly traveling this year?!? That would be so great!!