Sunday, August 17, 2008

Girls' weekend

Caroline and I are spending the weekend in Nashville. Last night we did a slide marathon at a neighborhood park, then met CC (CiCi?) for pizza at CiCi's Pizza. It was terrible, but Caroline got her "kids eat free" money's worth.

This morning we went to the Nashville Zoo. We arrived at 9a when they opened and beat the crowd that was flocking in as we were leaving. Last week, I laughed at my mom when she said Caroline could run faster than she could. Today, in the fish house, I wasn't laughing as she slalomed around people's legs as fast as her 12-inch-long legs would take her. Add about 200 people during peak visiting hours and you would have found me on television standing alongside John Walsh. I thought I was scared of the possibility of adding a boy to our family, but testosterone had nothing on this girl. (To my forum buddies walking to Ethiopia, I think chasing a toddler should rank double miles!)

We're still anxiously awaiting news -- referral news, travel dates for Kelli and Mark, but most of all news from the families in Ethiopia picking up their children. Holly and Beth have been there since Friday, but no blog updates yet. We know Holly would update if there's a working internet connection within 25 miles, so we suspect there's not. We just hope they're having a wonderful time bonding with their new kids.

Gotta run and feed Caroline a late lunch. She's asking for tuffs (puffs) and teething tablets. She's a cheap date!

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Lori said...

Sounds like a fun weekend.

It is so nice to get an update from Holly isn't it? I think I just needed to know that they were actually there and that their adoption was actually going to happen, because then it means that it may really happen for us too.