Monday, March 24, 2008

Yay Easter!

We had a really nice Easter with the family and our longtime friend Cathy from Houston (originally France). First, church in Nashville. My mom attempted to keep Caroline in the service. But when she clapped and shouted "YAY!" after two hymns, they made a quick trip to the nursery. Then lunch at my mom's. After we ate, Cathy tested our knowledge of the U.S. government with questions from her citizenship exam. For example, how long is a senator's term? And, what are the three branches of government? We actually did better than I thought we would. We toasted Cathy and her new status as an American citizen and reminisced about when she was an exchange student with us 24 years ago.

Below are: (1) Cathy and my mom in front of the flowered cross, which is a tradition at her church, (2) Caroline smelling the flowers on the cross and (3) our extended Baker family.

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Holly said...

I'm glad you had a Happy Easter! The flowered cross is a beautiful idea!