Friday, March 21, 2008

The caffeine experiment part 2

Today, 2 scoops regular and 4 scoops decaf. The morning was great. My mood was as cheerful as the bluebird sky over the valley, and I took my usual 10-mile bike ride. I wished I'd had a helmet cam to capture how beautiful our valley is. There's just a hint of green sprouting and everybody seemed to be out enjoying the warm weather. I saw about 8 canoes floating down Roaring River. Even the cows seemed happy. Yay, caffeine!

Five hours later, I took about 50 steps inside Wal-Mart and suddenly felt weak and noodly. I pushed on, shortening my list in my head. It felt like how I think sudden low blood sugar would feel. I grabbed a Powerade off a shelf thinking this has to fix things. It helped, but I still felt weird.

It wasn't until I was halfway home, after I'd stopped in a church parking lot to dig some crackers and cheese out of my bags, that caffeine crash occurred to me. My first thoughts were: I must really hate shopping (I like the idea of it, but I take one step inside a store crowded with chocolate bunny-seeking people and I want to turn and run) or I have a weird disease with intermittent symptoms.

I'm still not sure, but my increasing scoops sure coincided with afternoon weirdness. I'm going to have to journal this journey to find out for sure. Maybe tomorrow I'll go back to one scoop.


Craig & Cindy said...

I think its definitely coffee crash. In law school I used to drink ultra strong coffee in the morning and midway through the day, I'd be totally noodly. It wasn't until later Craig and I realized we were putting WAY too many scoops in to make our coffee.

BTW, seriously, where you live sounds gorgeous. I'm just happy Spring is around the corner here because Oklahoma is BLAND in the winter, unlike my ever-loved home state of Pennsylvania.


Holly said...

Definitely could be the caffeine! When I was in college and first getting seriously addicted my hands would start shaking and I felt weird too. Now I need the coffee or I get a headache... and it's such a part of my morning routine that I just can't function (without being crabby) if I don't get my coffee!!! I start thinking of that song from the show "How to succeed in Business without REally trying" it goes "If I can't take my coffe break, my coffe break, my coffee break, If I can't take my coffee break, something within me dies..." He he he I can totally relate.

Holly said...

p.s I would like that recipe you mentioned! :)I have a couple recipes for Korean food, but not that one!

SEG said...

lori- you might like to know that a family that i talked to said they never had to do the coffee ceremony except for when they met the birth family and they only drank one cup- so maybe you will be ok?

they said there were some really ymmu mocchiatos (sp) though, so that might be worth it? :)