Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chattanooga weekend

Little C and I ventured through pea soup fog and threat of snow that would make Michiganers laugh to spend the weekend in Chattanooga with aunts, uncles and cousins. Uncle Steve and Aunt Amy got to spend a little time with their niece before I took her to visit Uncle Todd, Aunt Tara and cousin Savannah. I didn't take many pics, but took a short video clip of some fun play:

We tried to hit a couple neighborhood yard sales but people weren't too jazzed to stand in their garages in freezing weather, so the turnout wasn't so great. I did get a bargain: a Little People tricycle for $5.


Anonymous said...

I love the video. How great that these two precious little girl cousins are so close in age and can spend time together.

Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed getting to visit with Caroline (and mommy, too). We hope to see you guys again soon!


Holly said...

The little clip is so cute! Pea-soup fog is definitley scary to drive in!

Craig & Cindy said...

Awesome - little people cycle for $5! I love garage sale-ing, I used to do with my Grandmother in the summers. Brings back memories.

Love the video too!