Thursday, February 3, 2011

Need hair advice

Attention: mamas of Ethiopian boys, especially those with big fluffy curls! Do you have hair products you love?

I'm looking for a really good leave-in conditioner. One to use right after shampooing while his hair is wet -- not necessarily a light, daily conditioner, but something I use once or twice a week. Dawit has big soft curls and the product we've been using is good, but it does have a tiny bit of alcohol, so I want to find something more natural.

I bought Tiny Twirls shampoo and daily moisturizing styler, which is made by Kinky Curly, but they didn't have a leave-in conditioner at the store. I know there are some good websites out there with tons of great products; it's just hard to figure out which are the best, especially for boys who have a simpler routine than girls. I'm hoping for some recommendations from moms who are happy with their products. 


HollyMarie said...

Kinky Curly's conditioner CAN be left in... i just buy the adult line for B and we leave the conditioner in her hair, brush it through, and then apply the curling custard. He is not too young for this; another mama on the BB has been using the adult Kinky Curly products on her little man since he was a year old.

Lori said...

I just talked to an AA woman last night that recommended I use Jojoba oil in Kaleb's hair daily to keep it moisturized. It is pretty dry here in CO so Kaleb needs the extra moisture. I also bought coconut oil and I put that in his hair the night before I wash it. I also love the Carol's daughter Hair Milk. I got the lite variety because it is not as heavy on his curls and it keeps his hair looking soft. I am still trying new things though to see what works best in his hair. Good luck finding what you like for Dawie's hair.p

Evelyn said...

I like Curls Creme Brulee that you can find at Target! It does not have any harsh ingredients in it.

Anonymous said...

(disclaimer: I do not have a boy, wink)

Kinky Curly's Knot Today is awesome. But you have to order it online. But, with his big curls, one bottle will last you a long time so ordering on-line shouldn't be too bad. I spend $40 on M's hair products every 2.5 months. Haha...craaaazy.

Anonymous said...

I have learned great lessons from my AA friends. Use a conditioner to moisturize (shea butter, or any conditioner like the one's recommended above) and THEN use coconut oil ONLY after you have conditioned it to SEAL the hair. It is only a sealer to keep the moisture does not moisturize the actual hair. Cool to know right?