Monday, February 21, 2011

Caroline says...

I'm having trouble getting motivated to write posts, but I'm never short on Caroline's unique world perspectives.

On the way home from a day-long hike yesterday, C was complaining that we drove through McDonald's (for a post-hike treat) instead of going in. I said, "We have to get home. It's almost dinner time." She replied, "I don't want dinner. I just want to poop."

Caroline and I were listening to Patsy Cline on YouTube while she painted valentine art. As Patsy was concluding "Crazy," Caroline pointed to her nesting yellow hearts and said, "I'm calling this Loving You." I praised her creativity and hung it on the pantry door. She then proceeded to paint two more nesting yellow hearts but apparently made an errant stroke (which I couldn't see). She threw down her brush and said, "I'm calling this one Loving Nobody!"

Ah, perfectionism.


Norma said...

Maybe we can have a few sessions with big brushes and large paper to loosen up her perfectionist leanings. Doing some abstact paintings will encourage her to have fun with it.

kn said...

Seriously adorable! Thanks for that!