Thursday, June 17, 2010

A zillion pics to wrap up our trip

This is a flashback to our paddle on Silver Creek from my dad's camera. Caroline and I were wearing outfits only Spence could appreciate -- capilene long underwear, shorts, wool socks and water shoes. It's how seasoned paddlers dress on days that are both cold and hot.

On Sunday, Lynn, Caroline and I hiked over Proctor Mountain. Let me just say 35 pounds in a Kelty backpack and 1,600 feet elevation gain. A feat I totally didn't appreciate until I saw these pics and how far her feet hang down. Geez girl, you're walking the next one!

This is my bike trail from Hailey to Ketchum. Lovely.

The pilot said something about Long's Peak, so I leaped over Caroline to take this. Before C was born, Spence and I hiked to Chasm Lake on the trail to Long's. Maybe one day we'll summit the Peak.


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Norma said...

Mercy, Mama! What great pictures. I can't believe you carried C in the Kelty up 1600 feet. You're a better woman than I am. Can't wait to hear about the trip from both perspectives. Welcome home. Missed you girls.