Friday, June 4, 2010

What do my son and the oil spill have in common?

They both refuse to be contained. I confess, when he escaped earlier in the week from his bed, he was in a Pack n Play. So logically, we, like BP, were hopeful our next solution would work: move him into Caroline's room (which was the original plan that got delayed) and put him in her crib now that she's in a big girl bed. Yes?


Apparently, falling 3 feet didn't deter him one bit. Caroline even was hopeful. "Don't worry, Daddy," she said as Dawit howled from his crib. "I'll calm him down." So for an hour, the sequence of events went like this: Dawit crying, Caroline saying, "It's okay." Thump. Feet, feet, feet. Caroline at top of stairs, "Owie got out!" Dawit right behind her, preparing to descend the stairs. Scoop 'em up. Back to bed. Repeat.

After about the 30th jump, he finally quit coming into the hall. He'd jump, stand by his bed with a defeated look and wait for one of us to plop him back in bed. We're calling it the extinction plan. It's one of us standing quietly in the hall waiting for the thump so we can make a quick intercept. At some point, it became me sitting at the top of the stairs with my laptop, googling crib tents.

Praise joy! It's nearly 7 a.m. and not a peep from either of the roommates.


Norma said...

This story takes me back some 40 plus years. He's just carrying on the family tradition. Your solutions are inspiring.

HollyMarie said...

Oh my!!! I'm laughing out loud! I've had friends do the crib tent thing with much success. :)

Kimpossible said...

OMG> Does that mean you've been up all night???

alana said...

Don't you think he will be able to pull the crib tent off? Hope you find some sleep relief soon!

Judy said...

It may be way too late to try and contain Mr. D. He, like BP, is going to be on the move for some time to come. Might be easier to put him in a "big boy" bed closer to the ground.