Monday, May 31, 2010


Last night, at 2 a.m., I awoke to a little elf with big hair sleeping in my bed. I vaguely recall the little patter of feet circling to the far side of my bed, then this warm body snuggled up spoon-style, his little 'fro tickling my nose, never making a peep.

So what, you ask? You see, this 18-month-old, who's still getting steady on his feet, BUSTED out of his bed without making a sound, found his way in pitch black to my bed without tripping, falling or stubbing his toe. He never uttered a word, just climbed in like it was what he'd done every night before.

I couldn't resist letting him stay, even though I find it very hard to get enough sleep with someone's feet across my neck. I fear I may have crossed a line I can't uncross. We'll see what happens tonight, but we're now shopping for a crib tent. It's like a mosquito net, but it keeps elves in rather than mosquitos out.


Jeremy and Allison said...

How cute is that?! You're right about netting him in, though. I've seen them on cribs, and they seem to work really well.

Shadley said...

that. is. awesome.

i totally understand! i have one such elf...though she is now 4.5 and has been doing this since she was 2...not to worry you! i secretly love it.

Judy said...

I remember two little guys who would escape from their beds until they were "tented" in. It also took a great big safety pin to keep them in because they mastered the zipper. But oh how sweet to have that little cuddly guy climb in bed with you. Enjoy, they grow up so quickly. Love, Nana

Kimpossible said...

I love this post! And did he climb out of a regular crib? Wow.