Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family float

This boat's got two captains.

Ten minutes in, the short captain did a heels over head into the river. He decided he'd better hang on to Daddy's legs for a while.

Spence decided to take a cooling dunk...

...causing Dawie to throw a fit. Under water, bad.


But a Rice Krispie treat makes it all better.

The walk back home.


Lori said...

You live in such a beautiful place! You are such a fun family!!

Shadley said...

sooo adorable. love the fit!!!

Eastiopians said...

That looks amazing....can I be on a canoe next to you guys with my family? Love it. Hope Dawie learns to love the water soon. :)

HollyMarie said...

What a fun day!

los cazadores said...

Omy goodness, Caroline is growing UP UP UP. Just last year she was chiquita. And I remember your float trip photos when she was just a little thing. Now she and Dawit together, amazing. They are gorgeous, the both. Your family is gorgeous.