Sunday, November 22, 2009

A weekend away

Nana gets the "Nana of the Year" award for keeping Little C and Little D at our house this weekend while Spence and I took a much-needed trip away.

We went to our favorite river, the Tellico, and paddled Saturday, then camped at Spivey Cove up near the Cherohala Skyway. We pitched camp about an hour before dark and sat around the fire drinking wine and eating the best herbed flatbread and Italian pesto cheese ever. Our cholesterol spiked about 40 notches, I'm sure. We woke to drizzle, which quit long enough for us to sit around the fire again and eat bagels and coffee. Then we headed back to the river and the rain picked up again. We paddled the whole river in a light rain, which made my swim at one rapid somewhat less unpleasant -- I was already wet anyway.

Despite a wonderful trip alone, just the two of us, no one butting into the conversation, no one whining for milk, all we did was talk about the kids and the funny things they do and say. Then we rushed back home.

I'm typing this post with D asleep on my back in the Ergo and fake walking to the rhythm of Louvin Brothers songs. That's the only way he'll take an afternoon nap.

Birthday pics coming soon...


HMK said...

Glad you got a weekend away; what a treat!

Norma said...

I couldn't agree more about that Nana of the Year Award for Judy. She'll sleep tonight!! Glad you had some couple time at the Tellico.