Monday, November 30, 2009

Things I love about Dawit

The way he pushes trucks, cars or anything that rolls while he crawls - such a boy thing.

The way he crawls on his feet with his bottom in the air when the surface is too hard.

The way he raises his eyebrows.

The way he crawls across the hardwood floor with a remote control in each hand - it's the loudest thing you've ever heard.

How happy and smiley he is when he first wakes from his nap.

How he waves bye-bye, which looks more like he's saying "come here."

The way he loves to be held and snuggled.

The way he stands at the window looking for Daddy and kitty.

How he giggles when Caroline splashes in the bath.

Things I'm not so fond of:
He hates having his diaper changed and he makes it so hard.

The way he makes a beeline for anything I'm sweeping up. To him, it's a buffet.

How fast he can make it to an open toilet.

How much he doesn't like to take a nap.

Our little man's been home with us for 5.5 months. He's gone from 16 to 25 pounds. He cruises, climbs stairs, goes back down them head first, and walks with support. He says mama, dada, cracker, tractor, kitty and now injera. He's got 7 teeth and slobbers relentlessly.

We sure love this little boy!


Shadley said...

wow your list of dislikes sounds a lot like mine! especially the sweep pile! esias goes right for it!

HMK said...

Awwwww... He is so darn cute, even with the evidence of his slobber. :D

Karen & Brad Hernke said...

Such a cutie!!! Love seeing his posts:)

God Bless,

Judy said...

Those eyebrows look scholarly to me! Watch out TN Tech.

los cazadores said...

Seriously, are Olly Ash and Dawit twins?!

But they're not the same age.

They look incredibly alike.

O.A. is not allowed to have the remotes. :)

He's finally started being more discriminating about what he eats too....(he was eating every speck off the floor too, and I cleaned as much as I could and yet SPECKS still exist don't they...???)

Love the hiking pics, you guys live in such a beautiful place.