Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flood damage

Can I complete a timely post? I think not!

Two weekends ago I took the canoe upriver about 3 miles to survey the damage the valley sustained in the rare July flash flood.

This is Stock Gap Road bridge that we cross on our 10-mile bike loop. A number of families used this bridge to get out of the valley. I've heard the county has applied for disaster funds so they can rebuild it, but it will be a while. In the meantime we won't be doing the loop.
This is where the bridge used to be.

Maybe we can ride across this tree.
This is my view 15 minutes later from underneath my canoe. A big electrical storm pushed through and forced me to think like Survivorwoman. I inverted my boat against a short ledge and sat until it ended.

Wonder who took this pic? Survivorwoman!


Evelyn said...

Wow - you are something! What a beautiful place. I am sorry you have had so much damage and hope things are restored soon.


Norma said...

What a woman!! Thanks for the upclose view of the damage. Unbelievable what the flood has done!