Sunday, May 17, 2009

Painting and nesting

A year ago, I bought some plum color paint to replace the icky lilac in the bathroom that makes one look like a corpse. While the paint aged on a shelf, I spent a year scoffing at the previous owner's pitiful cut-in. Blobs here, bobbles there.

Yesterday I took the paint to Home Depot for a good shaking, then came back home to learn that I am not scoff-worthy. Painting a bathroom is ALL about cut-in, and good cut-in is even more important -- and a lot harder -- when you're using a dark color. MY bobbles and blobs didn't line up with the previous owner's.

I wish I could've warmed up on someone else's bathroom because I got better as I went along. Unfortunately, I was halfway through before I got my groove.

Overall, it looks pretty dang good. This weekend, while Spence kept Caroline, I got Sunrise completely cleaned and streamlined, junk to Goodwill, baby toys down from the attic, garage cleaned out and swept, more orphanage donations collected and bathroom painted. If the rain holds off, bushes trimmed, weeds Rounded Up. And tonight, meet S and C at Cedars of Lebanon for a picnic and toddler trade. Good weekend!


Holly said...

You've been busy!!! Any pictures of your plum bathroom to show us? :)

Eastiopians said...

Woah! That is amazing work you have gotten done. Don't you love the extra energy that mother-nesting provides?! Post pics of your bathroom...would love to see it!


Norma said...

Wish I had known you were looking for a bathroom on which to practice cutting in. I have one.