Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend on water

And, oh my, was there a lot of it. Spence and I took our usual anniversary trip to the Tellico River and we got in one great day before the river rose to a juicy level. How about that look of determination?

And this one:

A smile that belies the butterflies...

This is our crew for the day:

Shortly after the trip, the river rose to a very zippy level and I was glad to be walking on land. This is Baby Falls, a 15 footer. I did not go over this.

The next day, with rivers at flood level, we decided to drive around and look at the scenery. This is beautiful Citico Creek.

And this is a kayaker, braving it.

We had a nice time. And it kept my mind off the elusive court results. Hopefully my next post will bring good news.


Margaret said...

I just LOVE your pictures! I live vicariously (sp???) through you!! That one of the river is just beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Looking forward to reading your next post (soon!!)

Norma said...

One brave woman! You're paddling with the A-team. An appropriate anniversary trip since whitewater canoeing is such great symbolism for marriage. I remember someone who made a toast about that at his brother's wedding.

Holly said...

The pictures are just awesome!!!! That is one crazy paddler in the last picture!

los cazadores said...

When willl you heaaaar something???????