Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What're you doing?

This question gets a variety of answers in our house.

One day while I was in the kitchen and C was in her high chair, suspiciously quietly eating yogurt --
Me: Caroline, what're you doing?
Caroline: Making a mess.

One day while I was in the living room and C was in the kitchen, coughing repeatedly --
Me: Little C, what're you doing?
Caroline: Choking.

Last weekend, while we were driving home from Chattanooga, C was in her car seat "reading" a book. I noticed she'd had it in front of her face a really long time and hadn't turned the page in a while --
Me: C, what're you doing?
Caroline: Pooping.
Me: Oh Caroline, can you wait til we get to a potty? Can you hold it a few minutes?
Caroline: I can hold my horses, Mama.

PS. She did and we made it to the potty! Thank goodness we were 1/2 a mile from a rest stop.

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Holly said...

Oh so cute! You brought me a good laugh today. :)