Monday, November 10, 2008

The bug

It's been going around our household the last few days. Spence has got the little "D" (sinus drainage); C has the big "D," which is ironic since we've recently taken to giving her a daily dose of plum juice to loosen things up. So far I've dodged both D's but only out of pure willpower.

The one benefit to C feeling puny is it's the only time she's snuggly. Tonight as we piled into the rocking chair for our typical bedtime ritual, she leaned back and quietly took inventory of all her things: "I've got my blanket and my kitty cat (stuffed) and my milk."

I said, "Yes."

And then she adds, "And my mommy and my rocking chair."


Holly said...

And in that, all is right with her world!

Ryan Hale said...

Yeah, it is interesting how the kids count *everything*, not just the material things.

Easties and Co. said...

Photo're it! Check out my blog for the details. he he he
:) Theresa