Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adventures in toddlerhood

It was a father-daughter Saturday as Caroline and Sarah, their daddies and our friend Kent and his dog Wonkers went on an all-day hike at Virgin Falls.

Here are Sarah and Little C all packed up and ready to go.

The buds had some fun teasing each other and getting dirty.

And throwing rocks into the water...

Earlier in the week, C got to spend some time with her cousins Baylee and Jordan at the Nashville Zoo.

And visit Middy, my grandmother's only living sibling.

Warning: a little potty talk
Today, Spence and C went for a walk to the river by our house. The rule around here is you only get M&Ms for using the potty. Well, nature called while they were out in the woods, so C did the next best thing: she used the woods "like a big girl" and got her M&Ms. Dad had taken a stash of M&Ms for just such an occasion. This girl's ready for backpacking!


SEG said...

hey! i've been to the Nashville Zoo!

los cazadores said...

Those are the best father-daughter pics. That Caroline is the cutest thing ever.


Holly said...

Cute pictures!!! C is doing great with potty-training! Wowzers! Ellie is still deciding if she wants to learn or not.