Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Family, Football and Hand Cramps

Thanksgiving weekend was when it all became real. Although Spence and I had been talking for weeks about the possibility of adopting from Ethiopia, we had only told a handful of people about our plans. This weekend we told our families. No one appeared to notice how nervous we both were as we sat around various dinner tables waiting for a tiny break in conversation that would give us an in to say, "We have some news." At my brother's house, that break came exactly seven minutes before UT's kick-off. At my in-laws, it came during one of four overtimes in the same game. Football not withstanding (although the Vols eeked by), the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. So positive in fact that it took us to a new level of excitement.

Now, we fill out the stacks of paper that make up our formal application and home study paperwork. We hope to get most of it turned in this week. Soon we will start the paper chase for our dossier.

We will have much more news to share in the coming weeks.

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