Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm down in a hole, and other crazy winter adventures

Actually, this is not me, but I couldn't resist quoting Gillian Welch. Is this dramatic or what? Spence went caving with some of my climbing friends, and this was their first stop at Neversink Pit.

Once you get down, then you have to climb back up.

Can you read this? Would you rappel on this? Me neither.

My climbing friend Denis and his friends from Russia, Igor and Olga, outside Tumbling Rock cave in Alabama.

Spence and Jess

Are those stalagmites or stalactites?
In another adventure,  my friend Paige took her new canoe on its maiden voyage down Roaring River on Super Bowl Sunday.

Paige strikes a pose before launch!

Jess, Paige, Rebecca, Dawit, Spence, me, Caroline. It was a cold day! Only one of us swam. It's hard to tell which one from all the smiles. 
After the paddle, we squeezed in one more adventure before kickoff with a short hike to Hardscrabble Falls. Note the varied hiking footwear: fuzzy Crocs, cowboy boots, and you can't see them but Merrill suede clogs. One of those feet (the same ones who swam RR) fell into a large puddle.

We made it back to the house 2 minutes after kickoff. That would be a travesty among those who care.


Christine said...

I SO SO care!!

Nah, I don't.

I love these photos. I think we should trade homes for vacation. Except it would be somewhat different yet somewhat the same. We should both trade someone for a house on an island somewhere.

Ingrid said...

WOW! WOW, WOW, WOW! I think we should be a part of the trade home for vacation thing. There's some pretty decent climbs and rivers around here- but no caves. And then the island thing? I'm coming also. (just so you know)