Wednesday, January 11, 2012

True grit

I don't know many 3-year-olds who can hike 6.2 miles totally on their own two feet. I certainly don't know many mamas who would ask her 3-year-old to do such a thing. (How cruel, right?) But there IS one daddy who would. And he did. And that 3-year-old kicked some trail booty. So did his 5-year-old sister.

It's one of my favorite hikes. Twin Arches trail in Big South Fork. Beautiful and dramatic. And the pictures just don't do it justice.

So first an easy 0.7 miles to the loop's start, down, down, down a long flight of stairs. Then a 4.8-mile loop, the last mile of which switchbacks up, up, up the mountain. Then 0.7 back up the steps to the car. Total trip time: 6 long hours.

Down down down

Leading the squeeze 

Sand angels

A little rest

Hope it's not a poison ivy vine!
Where's Waldo?

Extracting Daddy's cap from the sand

"Here, Daddy."

Leading the way

Walking with purpose

Wiped out but the end is in sight 
"This is hard work," he says. 

The last pull to the top
Yay, we made it! We're almost ready for the Ironman.


Christine said...

Holy cow. I'm impressed. High expectations = high outcomes. You are all fabulous.

Kimpossible said...

I think we're gonna have to do this! Think a 2 year old can do it? ;-)

rebekah said...

Wow. We need some tips.

Evelyn said...

The pictures are so beautiful. I am jealous of how well they must have slept afterwards!

los cazadores said...

Nature soldiers!!

Anonymous said...

No way! Wow!!!!