Sunday, July 18, 2010

Celebrating Savannah

Last weekend we spent the day at the Hiwassee River celebrating cousin Savannah's 4th birthday. As you can see, this cutie is all girl, even taking her Barbies and Ariels for a dip in the river. Caroline, on the other hand, wore camoflage and basketball shorts. She inherited my sense of fashion.

Nineteen of us (plus one dog) hit the river.

Some were brave enough to body surf the freezing water.


Norma said...

It looks inviting. Getting 19 boaters on the river was no easy feat. Good party, Tara. Jane and I had the best duty back at the house with the two little ones.

Julia said...

Want to come back to the Hiwassee anytime soon? I'd love to go tubing with you guys some weekend before it gets too cold.