Saturday, February 21, 2009

You gotta love craigslist

I've been hounding Spence to build Caroline a swing set before spring. He insisted his list of pre-spring chores did not include building a playground, so we set out on a search to buy one -- before they got in big demand. Voila a la craigslist:

Spence installed a red tin roof on the playhouse. And we were surprised to learn that C already knew how to work a big-girl swing without flipping out.

Come on spring. We're ready.



Jeremy and Allison said...

Oh, that's great! Cute ponytail picture!

Kara said...

What a cool swing! She will have tons on fun with it. You hit the jackpot

Judy said...

What a find! Our "outside" girl will enjoy hours upon hours of playing on her personal playground.

Beth said...

Oh what fun! Your kids are going so much fun in the next few years! (Kids! Isn't that great to think about!?