Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moving on up

Exciting developments in the last few days! Three Bethany families received referrals for infants (ages 7, 9 and 11 months). This moved us to #2 on the list. Yep, that means only one family ahead of us. The wait for a healthy infant is currently about 7.5 months and growing. We've now been waiting 7 months and 9 days.

As excited and anxious as I am to get that referral, I can't get my arms around the reality of it all. For the past 15 months, our Ethiopian adoption has been about paperwork and waiting. It's easy to lose sight of the fact that it's about a child. That's so different from giving birth, where you experience the movement toward parenthood, both physically and emotionally.

I can't wait to share the emotions that will come with a referral. I've had a glimpse of them when I see a family above us on the list get their referral and we move closer to our day. If that heart-stopping moment is any indication, I'm going to have to peel myself off the floor when our call comes.


Norma said...

I'm holding my breath as we wait for the referral. It's very hard to make that mental shift between idea and reality. But don't worry, we'll all help peel you off the floor.

Holly said...

You guys are getting so close Lori! I'm praying for a Valentine referral for you if not sooner! ;)

Anonymous said...

Caroline and I talked about her new little sister or brother. She is not quite sure which she wants, but she will be a wonderful big sister to either. We are all looking forward to the arrival of our newest bundle of joy. And we'll, too, help peel you off the floor!

los cazadores said...

Wow - I think we're both at that same time where it could be imminent. :) Very crazy feeling.

So excited for you!


KM said...

Woohoo! So close! Can't wait to hear when you get the big news!

aunt al said...

Didja get it yet?! Didja get it yet?!