Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Make a difference - sponsor a child

Yezelalem Minch is an orphanage in Addis Ababa. In addition to caring for older orphans, they have a number of community outreach programs, including a sponsorship program for children who may still live at home, many with a parent with HIV or other illness who is unable to provide all the care the child needs.

This is an unedited letter from Sami, the sponsorship coordinator at Yezelalem Minch, to Jayne, the U.S. coordinator for the program. It gives a glimpse into the sad situation of some of the kids and why YM needs sponsors!

Dear Jayne,
Have you heard about Leelt Degu? She is an 8 years old girl. She lives with her mother. Her father was dead. Now she is following her education. She is grade 2 student. They are living beside the road under plastic home, attached to someone’s fence, around Addis Ketema. The location by itself is very dangerous. Her mother is mentally ill. Before she almost lost her mind, she tried to sale candles, incense and other religious materials around orthodox churches. Now she cannot do that. Now they have no income. Leelt is also exposing to be attack or harm physically or mentally. She needs so much help and care. We visited her home and it is not a place to live. It is not a home at all. They have no bed, blanket, kitchen materials, food, no enough clothing, nothing. Currently, Leelt is getting help from Yezelalem Minch in many areas like education, health care and food. Thank you for taking Leelt’s case in to consideration.

Samuel Seyoum

In June, YM had 350 children being helped by the program; 87 of them still needed sponsors. Today, they have 50 children still needing sponsors and a very long waiting list of children who can't be admitted to the program until more sponsors are found.

Sponsorship of a YM child is $30/month (coordinated by Helps International Ministries) and covers school fees and supplies, schools uniforms, medical expenses, casual clothes, recreation and part of the family’s food.

If you're interested in sponsoring a child through YM, you can visit the HIM website or email the program coordinator, Jayne Morrison, directly at jayne@jasminecompany.com. Tell her what gender and age child you'd like to sponsor (if you have a preference) and she will send you an electronic sponsorship packet with pictures of your child and tell you where to send your first check. You can also set up auto bank draft.

This amazing program is saving lives, providing nutrition, and allowing children to attend school who would otherwise have to work to support their families.